Best Webinar Platform Online Review

DEMIO review

Webinars are one of the powerful ways to generate sales as an online marketer. The different between webinars and other forms of selling products online is the personal one-on-one connection and rapport that you’re building from being live (or a live simulation AKA evergreen webinars) and it definitely translates in the conversion rates.

Typically, on average, webinars can convert 10X higher than just regular cold traffic sent to an offer and another benefit of live calls and webinars is that you can command and charge higher prices for products and services.

Best Automatic Article Writer Review

So, that’s when I stumbled upon Article Forge. I LOVE this tool. While it’s not going to produce expert level content, what makes it unique from other article spinners is that it actually GENERATES unique content from scratch (at the push of a button).

This is incredible.

You can even have it setup to automatically post to as many different blogs and websites as you want, which saves you additional time.

In the video above I show you how I have been using it, and that strategy alone, even with zero links pointing to my site is getting me loads of free organic traffic for the long tail keywords I’m going after.


Is Same Day Revenue Worth the Investment?

Invest in Same Day Revenue

This is a product I’m actually SUPER stoked about…because it’s something that I do myself and have actually been trying to specifically crack the code on myself for the past several months.

So, what Same Day Revenue is is basically a series of simple step-by-step training videos that teach you a very simple strategy of traffic arbitrage. In this case you will be learning how to combine AdSense with adult traffic networks such as Traffic Holder.

All you’re essentially doing is setting up AdSense accounts, placing your codes and banners on sites, and then driving traffic to those pages and profiting. Point and click simple.

And the great thing about adult traffic is that it is super cheap and there’s a ton of it.

So, this is a great product for beginners and can really give you a massive amount of leverage in a short amount of time, for a very very little upfront investment.

There are a couple of upsells past the front end product. You can decide whether or not those are a good fit for you. Personally, I plan on investing in the front end product as well as the first one time offer.

Without trying to sound too cliche, this really is that magical “click button” online ATM dream system that everyone is searching for and all the gurus are trying to sell you in their hypey videos, but no one delivers.

I would definitely recommend investing in this product, because I know the information inside can help you break free of the 9 to 5 in very short amount of time…and this method can also be scaled up with other networks and platforms.

Same Day Revenue Demo Review BONUS

What is the Best Internet Marketing Course?

Choosing the Best Internet Marketing Course Will Change Your Life

That may sound a little dramatic but it can be true if you follow the right path and ensure you choose the best internet marketing course available. It is all too easy to fall for the get rich quick schemes (they are not called schemes for nothing).   The course you choose needs to be comprehensive. So many programs I have invested in have left out essential elements which prevent you from getting to the real money.   Many of the self styled “Internet Gurus” are only interested in selling you more products. They don’t really care if you succeed or not.   But fear not. I have suffered for you. Over the last 2/3 years I have spent over $10,000 on various courses, programs and mentoring. Some of it has been superb, some okay and some a simple rip off.

INTERNET marketing course

Hopefully you will with a little guidance avoid the rip offs and the okays and focus only on the superb.

So what is the best internet marketing course?

It depends on your level of experience. If you are a complete newbie to the world of internet marketing then I would advice a course which teaches all the basics like building a web site, hosting, blogging, article writing and the list goes on.   For those with some experience a more specialized program like Web 2.0 and Traffic but it all depends on individual requirements.

So there’s a group of people who make a living churning out dozens of lowbrow Kindle books a month. I call them Kindle Gold Rushers. Some of them make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling ebooks on niche categories.

In this week’s story, we hear from one of the top selling Kindle Gold Rushers. He’s 26 years old, sells 6,000 books a month, and nets $150,000+ a year.

On the surface it’s a badass story of success: a young professional quits his job, becomes a self-published author, and earns six figures per year. Except for one thing: he doesn’t actually write the books he publishes. Instead, he has a team of outsourced writers and creatives who pump out dozens of books a year to game Amazon and dominate various book categories.

Part of me (about 95%) is disillusioned by this story, while the other part is pumped. One of my favorite books is Walden. Henry David Thoreau locked himself in a cabin for two years to create this masterpiece. That’s badass. But then, to see the guy in our story make a ton of money selling “eh” books, the hippie inside me thinks that’s f-ed up.

make money with kindle publishing

But the capitalist part of me? He’s jacked up and already scheming a way to become a rich as hell Kindle “author.”

But hey, there’s plenty of room in this world for both Hoobastank and The Beatles…so who am I to judge.

So here it is, without further ado: one man’s story of how he became a Kindle Gold Rusher.

A DIY Guide for Vacuum Cleaner Repair

It always seems that your vacuum will malfunction right before company is set to arrive. What do you do if your vacuum is not working correctly? Many people will simply throw away their vacuum and purchase a new one. However, did you know that it is quite easy to repair a vacuum cleaner?

You can find a lot of great information by checking out the website of the manufacturer who made your vacuum. For instance, if you have a Hoover vacuum, you can learn specifically about Hoover parts and how they work.

In order to repair the problem, you first need to determine what is wrong with your vacuum cleaner.

There are actually not a lot of vacuum parts which malfunction. The most common problem is a belt malfunction. To check out the vacuum cleaner belt, you will want to flip the vacuum on its front so that the brush is facing you. You will notice a small plate around the brush. Unscrew this. Check the belt. It is possible that it has snapped or has wrapped itself around a portion of the brush. If it is broken, you will want to take the belt with you to a store to purchase a new one. Many stores carry vacuum cleaner parts, including stores like Walmart and Target. You should be able to identify the proper size belt and many times a package will contain several size belts making it easier to insure you have the right one. Vacuum cleaner belts are not expensive at all.

You also will want to check the vacuum agitator brush. Sometimes it can become tangled with hair, pieces of carpet or string. You should use a pair of scissors to cut all of that out. Once it is clean, you can simply replace the belt and screw the plate back on the front.

If your vacuum is having poor suction, you might have something blocking one of the hoses. Remove the hoses one at a time, consulting your owner’s manual if needed. If you have trouble reaching the blockage you can use the end of a mop or broomstick to push the obstruction through.

It also makes sense to do some routine maintenance on your vacuum. You will want to check the vacuum filter frequently to insure that it is not too dirty or blocked. The vacuum filter can affect the performanace of your machine. Also check the cord of your vacuum to make sure that it hasn’t become frayed. Vacuum cords can often become damaged when they are run over by the vacuum.

Most of the problems you have with your vacuum will be related to either the agitator brush, the belt, or a blockage. You can save yourself a lot of time and money if you do the repairs yourself. You will be surprised how easy it is.

Sometimes a vacuum has electrical problems and those are a lot more difficult to fix on your own. In that case it is probably better to take it to someone who knows how to repair vacuums or make the move to a new machine.

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